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Let’s Get Ranked Review:

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Hi, John Doe here and you’ve probably found this video because you’re looking for a let’s get ranked review or maybe just doing your research to see if this is any good if this would actually help you to do what it says. So, we are going to go into that with you in a second. But if you’re not already subscribed to the channel, then please do take a second and just hit that subscribe button below. Also, remember to just on the bell icon so that any time I do release a new review, you won’t miss out.

And I’m constantly doing things like that. Anything I find out I need these new products, any tips, any tricks, anything I think potentially going to help you in your marketing. And then I’m putting a video out there.

Make sure you don’t miss out on that and hit that subscribe button below. So let’s get started. This is called Let’s Get ranked, and for those of you that don’t know what it means, Ranking is just basically going like showing up top on Google on page one of Google. Because if you’re trying to sell something and you people usually go to Google to do a search, and then if they find you on the first page, then there are chances they’re going to click over to your offer and potentially you’re going to make a sale. So it is important to try and rank highly on page one. And this product says it’s going to help you to do that. Using five, what we call S E O hacks. S E O stands for search engine optimization.

Now, Ranking highly on Google is a skill in and of itself, most people really struggle with what we call S E O. So when these products come along and said, listen, we’re going to give you five simple hacks.

You may still be able to use it to rank, but I’m going to go through a little bit more.

But the kind of keywords, the kind of terms you’re going to be ranking for aren’t going to be high traffic terms. Probably not, because when people want to rank high traffic terms, these are the things that take a long time. I’ve done S EO before. You got to put a lot of work into it. I mean, so really what we’re talking about with this product, we’re probably talking about ranking for low level to medium level keywords, you know, things that haven’t got a lot of traffic. Not tons of people are searching for it. So we like what we call longtail keywords would be five words like how to make money from home using a computer, like nine words, something like that.

And you and you might get a little there won’t be tons of people searching for that, but you’ll still get a little bit of people here and there. So anyway, this is the page. Let’s go for it. So it says it’s got five non S E O hacks we’re using to rank on page one. OK, so without a website, no S E O, no tech skills and no money being spent, you don’t spend any money at all.

And they’re going to show you a way where you can just do this. So basically, they’re going to probably show you ways that you’re going to write articles and your articles rank probably using something like I heard a little bit about sites like something called Medium, and you probably weren’t using that site here anyway.

So, they’re showing your examples here, but they’re blurring out the keywords. So you don’t really know how competitive these keywords really are. One of them is the actual person’s name, Jeremy Kennedy. So, of course, I mean, you’re going to rank for your own name, if you put any stuff out there, if you’ve got any content out there, and then you go and search for your name, you’re going to rank for it. So, of course, you’re going to rank number one for your own name. But the other key was that they just sort of blurring it out.

So, I can’t really tell you how competitive these keywords are. The same page one and I don’t know what the keyword is. Just as review and bonus. If I knew what the keyword is, I could then tell you, yeah, this is a competitive keyword and it’s hard to rank. And using this piece of software, it’s ranked.

So, it’s a bit misleading because I don’t know how difficult these keywords are. They are showing you that that using their system, they made a little bit of money for there. And I like how it seems quite realistic. Hundred and seventy-five dollars. That was like seventeen thousand dollars that those sorts of things are the things I don’t like. The pages is pretty basic. It’s just very, very basic page. So, you don’t need websites, you don’t need an email list, you don’t need a product, you don’t need a single penny on ads and you don’t need pages to rank. The only thing that you can rank very, very quickly for is very low volume keywords. Yeah. And the price is cheap. Eleven dollars forty-six is a very, very basic product, but I think it potentially will do what it says on the tin for lower level keywords. So if you’re new to this, if you’re like a newbie and you don’t understand anything about ranking and you don’t know how to get on page one of Google, then I think it’s worth a go. I think is what you’re probably going to learn some things.

These five hacks, probably for somebody who’s already been in the game, knows about SEO, is probably going to be nothing new, you know, maybe a case, maybe using the medium site I just spoke about.

But apart from that, you aren’t going to learn nothing new if you’re a newbie and you don’t know how to rank and you want to get some content on page one, you probably will. It won’t be for high level keywords or be below level keywords, but there’s not tons of volume. I don’t believe you’re going to get ranked, but things like making money online using this, I doubt it, because those things take years to rank for. You’re probably right for low level keywords, but still you get a traffic ranking on page one. Always gives you a little bit of traffic, unless it’s a keyword that nobody’s searching for it.

You’ll get a bit of traffic and you’ll get some of that traffic to yourself pages. So, yeah, I think it’ll be worth a go. I personally have not used it. I haven’t bought it. But from what I’ve seen, it seems quite realistic.

Some of the things that say the actual price that was said is eleven forty-six. They do have up sales. The first one first up sales is twenty-nine dollars. It’s another traffic course. There’s another one with some something good to see like, another sale system, another twenty nine dollars. There’s a mastermind of it, which is seventeen dollars. So that’s relatively cheap. There’s the resale rights to sell this on to other people which is ninety seven dollars and then they’ve got a high ticket product which is nine hundred and ninety seven dollars.

I said it’s five S E O hacks, the seven videos, it’s very, very basic causes a PDF, seven videos, videos that show only about one to two hours worth of content.

So for eleven dollars, what do you expect really?

You’re not expecting that much. But if it can help me to rank here and there, if you don’t know anything about ranking, then I think it’s it’s not bad. It’s worth giving it a go. And I think it’s more realistic than some of these warrior plus products that I see.

When you get certain people behind it, there’s like a group of top warrior plus promoters, and when I see these people promoting a product, I know straight away, it’s a hype product that you probably stay away from this one they haven’t got behind it. So it might actually have some substance inside. It might even be worth a look. And for 11 dollars, I don’t think you can go wrong.

You know, I mean, so, yeah, I think newbie to sort of low level, intermediate worth a try. You know, it’s nice to see your content on page one of Google. Even if it’s not getting you tons of traffic, it’s still nice to see that, intermediate to the high level. I don’t think you’re going to get a lot out of this, but it’s still worth having a look for eleven dollars, you know, so I hope that helped. Hope you got some value. And I hope that helped you with your decision on this Let’s get ranked.

By the way, listen, I hope you got some value in this. If you did, please take a second. Just give it a thumbs up. Also share it with anyone else you think might get some value from it as well. If you do have any comments, any questions at all, please just leave it in the comments box below. Thanks for watching it. Till next time, All the best.

John Doe

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