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Let’s Get Ranked Review:

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Welcome to my Let’s Get ranked review, this is about getting everything on that page one of Google, let it be your blog, your website, anything, even just an affiliate link with a few words before it. Just a sentence or two. OK, that’s how easy it is to rank on Google once you’ve got the secret methods that the vendor has been using successfully and really making a load out of it, she’s getting a load of eyes on Google watching him and he’s getting a load of traffic from it and a load of conversions, it’s as simple as that. Now, I was going to show you quickly through the PDF that links to the videos, but the vendors updated it. He’s added a few more videos and he doesn’t even want me to say how powerful this method is. I’ve already been through four to five videos, and I can tell you it’s got everything you need to get ranked on on Google. It really, really has obviously more than enough just in those first few videos and the next few. I really can’t say what more is going to put in there because the first few are more than enough just to get honestly, just to get ranked on Google. They’re really on that. Before they go on more about this product, I’m going to go on over to the bonus page where I’m going to run through all of the bonuses that I’ve got waiting for you. OK, so here we are, another page. Well, on bonus one, which it’s on page one. On bonus one, you’re going to get more zero to three hundred dollars per day fast.

Okay. You should get paid fast bonus. And if you want to get paid that fast, this is the bonus you need. And we let’s get ranked. It’s going to be super simple. It really is. These two are going to marry together and make it so easy to be making a load of commission’s really, really fast, faster than I ever thought possible. Then you’ve got my second bonus, and this is my social media automation game changer. It’s going to make it a lot easier to make it easy to update your social media on a regular basis.

This is going to show you how easy it is with the free software that’s mentioned in it. You’ll be able to use that free software so that it’s a lot easier to keep your social media, going keep up to friends, keep in front of everybody, brand yourself, get noticed and everything counts. Now the next tutorials, all about traffic. If you’re promoting offers, you want traffic regardless of being on page one of Google for a load of different blogs and websites and links. And you really do need traffic. So you also want to get faster traffic. And this is going to show you how you can be getting top quality traffic for pennies on the dollar. I’ve got another traffic tutorial and that’s my traffic manifesto. It’s going to make it easier to get a load of traffic. This covers several traffic sources that are waiting for you to exploit them in this bonus. She’s going to show you the easy way. Now, you’ve got a special sort of back door bonuses and I’ve listed them here. Bonus one, copy is King, Bonus two, Internet advertising. The exclusive interview, funnels and firesales, making money, ongoing sales strategies, website, flipping website and software development. Your online business branding, Facebook, advertising secrets, tips to traffic outsourcing and marketing, traffic and buyers. And believe me, it’s not just large. We get it getting another 40 or so bonuses as well as those. So if you want to load the bonuses, we’re going to make it so easy to understand making money on the Internet. It’s going to cover everything. The copy is going to cover traffic, everything on here.

It’s the whole bundle or whatever you want to call it. It’s all here. Nobody else is giving you bonuses like these and nobody else knows about these product like I do. I’ve gone through the videos and let’s get ranked. It really is the product of the day, if you want to get ranked, if you want to get on Google, this is the product for you. It’s called Let’s Get ranked. It’s not about S E O, as it says non S E O hacks. It tells you and explains and shows you with case studies over the shoulder that proving beyond the date. And you don’t need proof. Once these guys tell you how they’re doing it, you got to sit back and laugh you really are, because it’s just simple. They’re going to tell you where to build your website. If you want one, you don’t have to you can build a blog. You can just build a few, you know, just put a few words and a few images. If it’s an affiliate product, just copy the vendors. On another few images, his book or his heading or whatever, the title, just whipping up the few words in between, even off the vendor it’s going to rank on Google, it’s ninety nine point nine percent assured to get there, it’s going to get there.

Honestly, it’s going to get there. I’ve seen it and it’s unbelievable. It’s just something that, you already know. You just eat in front of you eyes. It really is. A lot of people are just going to just go, well, it’s super simple. And then they’ve got more methods that sort of you’ve only got to sort of to make about in five to ten sentences and your link and that’s going to probably go on page one of Google. In fact, one of the vendors tried it with an affiliate product. They do a little blog easily to create using that vendor sort of images, text and everything, created that blog. And then they went on another site and they’ve done a few words. And they then went to Google a few moments later. And there it was in position one on position two for that product. It was there. And I can attest to that. This really does work. They reckon they’re going to put a few more methods or haven’t seen those I don’t think they want me to see them because they’re so powerful, so simple, so powerful. It really is easy to get on Google.

And the only way this isn’t going to work is if hundreds of people are using the same method because someone’s got to come last. Someone’s got to go first. So if any of you are doing it, it’s possible that if you use this method, you’ll be in 10th place. But believe me, it really does work. And then of all the people that buy about two thirds or so, don’t even try it. It’s so simple. What does this product consist of? It’s not easy. It’s a download link. You’ll get your sort of download this little P D F. Normally it’s got is what you said about following video links on there to YouTube. There’s probably going to be seven or eight links that easy to click on each link or, you know, copy and paste them. It’s going to take you to a YouTube video where you’ll see exactly what the vendors are doing and how they’re doing. And they show each other that you fully understand nothing left is no second guessing. There’s nothing more to buy.

As long as you’ve got an Internet connection, you’re good to go as long as you can get onto YouTube, places like that. And this doesn’t involve YouTube. But I’m just saying, as long as you can get onto websites and places then that’s easy for you, it’s so easy. You can make it harder. You can do several blogs on a product so that you link for different keywords or whatever you can do easily like that one blogs more than enough, spend hours and hours, just a quick few images, a bit of text, a link. And you’re good to go. Of course, if you’re doing affiliate product and help if you get bonuses and everything to convert that offer. But this gets you the traffic. It doesn’t get you the conversions. You know, it’s up to you. Then you’re going to get that link clicked on because a lot of people are going to be saying it’s up to you to convert that traffic. You can direct them straight to the sales page. But if you want more conversions, of course, you best to direct them to a squeeze page where you offer them freebies and get them on your list or the bonus page or both. You still have to do a bit of work, really, if you want to convert. And this is all about ranking easily like for those keywords that product or whatever it is. If you were selling vacuum cleaners and you’ve got the name just put on, you know, Henries, vacuum cleaner review by or approved by and your name or something, and you got to get on there.

And I don’t mean if the typing approved by your name and it’s not the silly thing that, they’re going to give you a keyword, nobody ranks or basically people are looking just for the name of that products. And you’re going to show, look, it’s as simple as I really is a great opportunity. And as I said, it’s not about S E O. It’s not going to rank your blog. If you’ve already got one, it’s going to show you where to do your blog or your website or a bit of advertising. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a blog. It could be just a bit of advertising, an image, a few words, name a product, the title. And you’re good to go. Simple as that, And they will click on that. And now go to your blog, to the site where ever you send them, you can link to. Well, anyway, if you’ve got a link, you can send them there. And then depending on where you send them, if that page is strong enough to convert or do whatever you want them to do, then you’re going to be getting a load of conversions. If you expect them to show, just go to a plain opt-in page or to give me an email address. You’re probably not going to get a conversion. Easy to get now. People will be clicking on the links.

They really will. What happens once you’ve clicked on the link? Depends on where you send them, it’s a great product. If you want to get people clicking on your links, these products for you, it really is that easy. You’re not going to get easier. The sales page, it’s not too much. Look at this. It’s a blank like page. It tells you about the product. It tells you about the people. It doesn’t say too much. It’s not a long known one just to let these guys know what they’re doing. You wouldn’t. In fact, that’s more than enough to put on the blog to sell these products. I could copy more or less and paste that on tightly and either get on to page one to Google. Why haven’t you done it? Because I’ve been busy reviewing the products I’m going through. Will it be using this method? I’ll probably be using you know, it’s a great method. It really is. you’ll say I mean, honestly, you’ll be seeing me on page one of Google very soon. You really will, and it’s Just fantastic that they don’t have to sell this product. I really don’t. Why? To put it together. I don’t know if I was them, I’d go on Using it and secretly sort of pulling in a load of cash using these techniques because it’s too easy. It really is super simple and they give it away. And that’s just like the only problem I can say is if thousands of people jump on and start using it, then it will water it down because not everybody can get pole position.

Some of these got to come second or there. And that is the only problem I can say with this method. But as I said, there’s only going to be a few thousand people probably purchasing this, and that will probably only be short of 10 or 20 that actually do this every day, because all these next year, a lot of people won’t be doing it. You know, they just get bored. They don’t keep on. They haven’t got that push. They’re not hungry enough. This is easy. This is easy. I’m just a little frightened that, you know, too many people getting to know it. I wish I was the only one that realized this and to put it into action, because it really is super simple. I could be doing this in an hour a day. Even ten minutes on the one could just go in putting a few bits of text and link and just sending them straight to the sales page. I wouldn’t get so many conversions immediately, but it’d be like twenty minutes a day and I’ll be getting a few sales a week. I really would, I’m not going to be getting millions of converts and probably getting 10, 20 or 30 of the week. I mean if you want to more, you just put more updates. You can be do you, can you put it picks up every day. You know, you don’t have to stay the morning.

You can do afternoon and evening. You really can taste all the way and as I say, if you go and make simple sort of blogs with a few bits of text you are going to get Conversions, they are all going to click on that link. This is the way I always imagined one or two of the beat two of the big boys are doing you. I think I found it out and they have printed out there for the little guys, because the little guys can get on page one to Google that easily and it doesn’t have to be a be affiliate sales. It can be selling anything. You can have a car up for sale. And if you want to get it right, some good, good people will be coming. It will be listed on Google. You know, you probably get page one if you’re selling a washing machine, you’ll get it on there. Anything that you can think of if you’ve got a membership site, click and they’ll come to your membership. So it’s as simple as that. If got a link for it, they’re going to come to it. The traffic’s going to see it and it’s going to be interesting traffic. It really is, because it’s seen it on Google and it’s searching for that word, like, let’s get ranked, If they type let’s get ranked, you’ll get pole one with that. Unless somebody else is using the same method, then I’m not quite sure how you get in front of another person. Might be better content.

I’m not sure. But you’ll get page one if nobody you know you really well. So that’s about it, right? I can’t right now, other than that, it’s a fantastic product. So all that remains for me to say is that you need to check my bonuses and realize I’m giving a loan. As you say, if you come down, you’ll say there’s a load and there’s others down there. And there’s, even more, the zones I haven’t even covered another 30 or 40 bonuses waiting for you. And what’s the problem? It’s on a dime. So that means that every time somebody makes a purchase, the price goes up a few cents. So the first few hours, it could go up unusually quite a bit. It started around 11 dollars. I’ve got 11, 11 that surprised us given the probably still eleven dollars, almost a 10. It’s not much more than ten dollars. I mean, the ten, ten dollar notes on, you know, a dollar on top, you’ve got the product and is that fantastic. You’d be silly to make sense on this if you want to get on Google. You’ve got to be cracker’s not to take that on at that price. You’ve got the up sales twenty nine dollars upgrade one. I’m not sure what they are. Upgrade two, twenty nine. You got seventeen dollars. Upgrade three, upgrade four, hundred and ninety seven. It might be reselling this funnel, I’m not sure. Upgrade five, nine nine seven. I do believe that that upgrade five is a coaching program.

By James Runoff and he really is a really good teacher. He knows how to make money, he knows how to get on page one of Google. He knows a lot of things. He’s been around not as long as maybe he’s been on the Internet a long time. He’s been doing affiliate marketing for something like the last ten years, maybe longer. And he knows a lot. If you want to sort of make products and start making, you know, money selling affiliate product, this is the man that really can explain it to you, help you. And if you’re willing to negotiate those curves and, you know, jump through hoops, because it does get a little harder here and there when you don’t know how to do some, James really will go all out to help you if you’re hungry for success and you want to make it. James is one of those that will take you all the way 100 percent, and he’ll help you to sell that product if you’ve got it in you just a little glimmer and you’re willing to work hard at it, it isn’t easy. But if you’re willing to get it all done, get it online, James will do his best to make sure to challenge you really well. He’ll p put himself into 100 percent to really go, up grade five, nine nine seven, If it’s a coaching course by, James, and you want to make a lot of money, you’ll make your money back really well.

As long as you get that product up and running, you can rest assured, you’re almost almost guaranteed to make a move. So there you go. So at any time, if you want to check my bonuses and secure this fantastic product and all of the bonuses and those extra bonuses, all you got to do is click on that link in the description. right down below in the video. I really do urge you to, I don’t normally say it on the reviews, but this is such a product. You’d be silly to message, it’s so easy. You don’t need software, you don’t need any. All you need is a computer or even a mobile phone. If you’re good, as always, say, not much good with the mobile phone. If I tried it, it be all gibberish. But if you could do the mobile phone, even a mobile phone, as long as you can connect to the Internet until these free programs, I think some are free and paid. You’ve got an option. We don’t need the paid versions. You only need the free. It’s as simple as that, you want to get on Google? Do you want to rankings for the first three or four positions on page one at the top most of the time, or maybe all the time? You know, it’s hard to say, but most of the time, do you want to rank easily within minutes of an hour or so? Don’t get me wrong, over the weeks that ranking probably will drop.

You won’t hold that ranking. You’ll probably hold it for a week or two and then it’ll start to drop what you do. Well, all you do is go and do more content. If you’re doing more content on your blog, it will keep that ranking, it really well. If you just put it up because you selling a product like this and you only want it up there for a week then that is it, you only need to do a blog and you can forget it, and you can go on to the next one in the next one for you of the product depends. You know, it gets up there in page one through the day or two, a week or two, and then yet you probably will slowly go down the rankings. And I mean, you’ll just drop you’ll go slowly. And if you get back in five, six, seven weeks, you’ll probably be on page two, page four. I’m not guaranteed that you still won’t be on page one, but there’s every chance you will get there, You’re going to be there. And if you update your blog regularly, sort of out a bit more content that, of course, you got every chance of keeping up in the first three positions, you know, on page one up to you. You need to just get there for a few days, a week or two. Or do you want to stay there? I mean, if it’s an opt-in page, you want to stay there.

So you keep adding content or you should do a new blog and then that’ll probably go up as everyone is coming down up to you. But they should get you on Google and not just for a minute. It will be a good few days. More than likely. It really is a great product. It’s easy to follow your kick yourself when you see how easy it is and you think, my God, I should have fought to this. You know, it’s almost in front of you always probably for a lot of you. If you’ve been on the Internet for a time and even that’s in front of you always, you’re not going to see it. And there isn’t golden nugget in there that a lot of people are miserable because it’s sort of one sentence and that is James telling you, if you have done this, you’d see how people are doing it sort of thing. And listen for that that golden nugget in that he tells you, have they found you, I think or, I’ve come across to have noticed other people are doing it and he gives it away really high. You’ll be finding if you use what he says, you’ll be finding out how those top vendors are doing things just by following a sentence or two. And if there’s a new message on the wire, you’ll probably spot them. If your eyes are open, if you’re looking for them, if not in your office, like just plugging along, you’ll miss them.

Or if you’re too hard trying to get your blog ranking, you’ll miss the week. James, he’s made it super simple. It can’t be much easier and it really counts. The only way you think you can make it easier is to get someone else to do it for you. So that’s about it for let’s get ranked, if you want Google page one with the software without promises and just able to do i quite easily, let’s get ranked is definitely for you. OK, It’s not going to rank your blog, your website, it’s going to rank your new blog on a free site. It’s as simple as that. So if you want that, you want to blog, you want to be able to just come and do a few sentences on another platform that at the moment you’ve really read and get you into to a page one on Google, then this is for you. Let’s get ranked. Make sure you check it out. For me, it’s a brilliant product. Really something simple. So please. Click on the link right down below the video. Check out the bonus page and make sure you purchase. Let’s get ranked at its lowest price at eleven dollars or just a few cents more. It really is well worth the money. As I say, if you want Google page one eleven dollars, it’s a no brainer. It really is. You’ve got to be crazy to be safe. Thanks for watching this review video. Hope to see you soon. Stay safe.

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